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Escape Rooms

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Navigate your way through the game room decoding puzzles, uncovering clues, unraveling riddles and completing various tasks and activities before time runs out. Using out of the box thinking, logic, creative problem solving and teamwork, groups will be put against the clock to achieve the goal of cracking the code in an adrenaline pumping 60-minutes. Guests can choose from a selection of game room narratives below. No worries, you aren’t truly locked in. The real goal—determine the code to ‘escape’ the game before time runs out. Looking to make a party out of it? Call to speak with an Andy B’s party planner today.



  • PRICING // $20 Per Person
  • Friday: 4pm-11pm
    Saturday: 12pm-11pm
    Sunday: 12pm-8pm


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You and your team of detectives have one hour to solve the kidnapping case and escape the room before the FBI is notified and you are fired. Will you become a hero or land in the unemployment line?

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House Of

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The telephone rings and you recognize an old friend’s voice.  You haven’t seen or heard from him in years. He has recently purchased the famous “House of Dread” and wants you and several friends to join him in a special dinner to celebrate.  Your curiosity overcomes any hesitation you may feel, and you decide to attend. What surprises await you and the other attending guests?

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Frequently asked Questions

Arrive 15 minutes before your start time.

Children under the age of 5 are unable to participate.

No, although we cannot guarantee availability for walk-in guests and strongly encourage online pre-booking.

If you do not max out the capacity of the room your party may be paired with another group. To ensure a private experience, you can buy-out the remainder of the available spots.

Unfortunately, no refunds are availabe. We can offer to reschedule your experience when notified at least 48 hours in advance.

Please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled start time. If you arrive later than your scheduled reservation, you forfeit your reservation without a refund.

No. We have designed our rooms to be approachable for everyone in your party. More mature audiences are suggested for House of Dread.

We do not encourage this, although you are allowed to leave the room at any time. Please note, game play will continue.

Unfortunately, no.

Yes, although we asked that they are placed on silent. Additionally, photography is not allowed in the game rooms.

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